About Me

My name is Connie and I am a former administrative assistant and former bakery/coffee shop owner. Now, I am a stay at home wife and mom. I like to blog and at one time I had multiple blogs – writing, being a wife and mom, fountain pens, crafting…and could have probably come up with more if I wanted to. I finally decided to roll them all into one. I kept “House Wife With A Day Job” because I love the title and feel like it really defines me.

I blog what I want, not necessarily what everyone who follows me is interesting in hearing about. Perhaps my fountain pen friends would not be interested in my home decorating/remodeling plans. Those who do not write might not be interested in hearing about my latest writing projects...so on and so forth.

Anyway – what you are likely to see me blogging about:

• My Family
• Things I Make
• Cooking
• Home Improvement and Decorating
• My Writing Projects
• Fountain Pens
• Pictures I Take
• What I am Reading
• TV shows I like
• Anything else that pops into my head

What you are likely NOT to see me blogging about:
• American Idol
• Politics
• Celebrities
• Subjects that are definitely TMI
• Sad and or/depressing stories, especially about kids
• Probably some other things I can’t think of right now

For those who read and comment on my blog, follow me on FaceBook and/or Twitter – thanks! I can be found on FaceBook here for my personal account – you’ll see lots of entries about hubby, kids, grandkids, family, etc. I also have a page for “House Wife With A Day Job” that I would love for you to “like”. I Tweet as @CarolinaWriter. If you have read all the way through – thanks so much – you are truly my friends and fans!

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